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Become a Product Ambassador or Micro Influencer with Calhoun Farm!

Are you interested in free products? Do you enjoy social media? Find out if you're a good fit!

What are we looking for?

Applicants should have-
-Strong social media presence with a target audience of women between the ages of 21-60.
-Be comfortable with product posts, reels, lives and more to promote our products.
-Be interested in trying and reviewing new products.
-Not have ingredient allergies.

Each month we'll ship our Brand Ambassadors one or more products to do box openings, reviews, product posts, and more.

Ambassadors will receive- free products, product discounts, and/or affiliate links to make money customer referrals.

“Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and make it memorable”

Let's chat!

We're picking a few brand ambassadors so let's see if you're a good fit!

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