comfrey oil in 1oz dropper bottle. For healing burns, bruises and skin injuries.
comfrey oil in dropper bottle. Cold infused comfrey herb for healing skin injuries, scrapes, blisters, burns, and booboos.
comfrey oil for healing burns, bruises and cuts. Made with natural ingredients. Add to home first aid kit. home apothecary.

Comfrey Oil - Healing Oil

Calhoun Farm all natural comfrey oil dropper. Comfrey oil is commonly known as "knit bone" herb.  Comfrey herb helps with healing bones, sprains, bruises, burns, and skin abrasions.  This oil is made with a cold infusion of comfrey grown here on our farm. Each bottle includes a dropper for application.  

1oz glass dropper bottle. Bottle color may vary.

Drop oil onto hands and rub onto skin and affected areas. 

Ingredients include-organic comfrey, olive oil, hemp seed oil, and lavender essential oils.

This product is not FDA approved.