"Honor system" farm stand. How does it work?

Posted by Lanna Calhoun on

At Calhoun Farm we have an "honor system" farm stand. "How does it work?", you may ask.  "Very well!" we would say!  It's a great way to serve our local community!

Our farm stand is open all day, every day.  That means that you can come help yourself to any of our farm offerings whenever you like!  

What's available at the farm stand?  It changes with the seasons but some items you might find are- seasonal local produce, maple syrup, local honey, canned goods, jellies & jams, fresh eggs, goats milk soaps & lotions, and handmade gifts.  


Inside the farm stand there are shelves with handmade items, an area to bag your items, and a refrigerator for the eggs and canned goods.  All of the items are either made/grown on our farm or locally sourced! Prices are clearly marked for you!


There is a money box mounted to the wall for your payment. Cashless payments may be made via paypal (paypal info is located on the wall). Just be sure to close the door behind you! Our free ranging chickens also enjoy fresh produce and like to make messes inside the farm stand! No chickens allowed inside!



So stop by and check out the ever changing selection at our honor system farm stand! 

The farm stand does close Jan 1 - April 1 due to freezing temps and snow. 


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