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Setting up a pop up shop!

Posted by Lanna Calhoun on

pop-up shop vendor display

Have you wanted to set up a display of your products inside of another retail space? This is a great way to gain exposure, sell your products, and reach new customers without the overhead of your own boutique.  

Currently I have products in 6 locations outside of my own shop.  Each location is unique in it's clientele, but our products compliment each others.  At each of these shops, I sell based on a commission and/or rent the space.  I have found that each business owner has their own ideas when it comes to the best practices for selling in their store.  

Here's some ideas for displaying your products inside of retail stores.

Vendor display setup inside pop-up shopThis is my soap display in a local antique store. Here I rent the floor space, and i provided the shelving.  


vendor display inside of pop-up shop

In this local winery, they provided the shelf space. They take a percentage of sales each month.

display inside of local winery

A table display inside of another local winery.  Using crates to add height to the tabletop display.


If you are a handmade maker, I highly recommend trying this out! It has greatly increased my sales and brand recognition!

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