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Handmade bath bombs. With pink and red heart sprinkles. Fizzy for bath time. Kids bath, relaxing bath, and self-care. Calhoun Farm located in Falls Creek PA.
Bath bombs. Gold glitter. White bath bomb dusted in gold bio glitter.
Cupcake bath bomb. Blue cake with pink icing, topped with a natural dried rose. Make bath time special and pamper yourself with this relaxing scent. Perfect for a cupcake themed party, baby shower, or bridal shower favor.
Patriotic freedom bath bomb. Red, white, and blue. Dusted with silver glitter. Perfect for a patriotic birthday party or America themed gift.
Heart shaped bathbomb. Light pink. Perfect for Valentines Day, Bridal shower favors, or wedding favors.
Lavender relaxing anti-stress bath bombs. Scented with lavender essential oils.
Pink bath bombs. Light pink and dark pink, sprinkled with dried roses. Perfect for relaxing pampering baths. Birthday party favors.
Sweet heart, conversation heart bath bomb. Light pink with a candy conversation heart. Perfect for Valentine's Day, wedding favors or gifts.
Wild passion bath bomb. White with blue swirls and pink salt details. Perfect for birthday gifts or favors.

Bath Bombs - Bath Fizz

Fizzy bath fun for everyone! Large round bath bombs! Enjoy and relax in your bath with a long soak with these long lasting bath bombs!

Why are bath bombs so great? Not only is the fizzing fun, the oils and minerals soften skin leaving you feeling hydrated!
Now to pick which scent!

4.5oz each
Tie Dye - Patchouli with musky undertones
Freedom - Watermelon
Festival - Sweet and fruity. Pomegranate, cherry, and other fruits
Ingredients include- sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, fragrance, essential oil, clays, bio glitter