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unscented goats milk soap for sensitive skin types. Unscented is great lotions for babies and kids. Good for allergies.
goats milk lotion assorted scents. Made with goats milk and honey with natural ingredients by Calhoun Farm. Perfect for dry skin and problem skin.
goats milk lotion in lemon drop scent. made of natural ingredients, goats milk and honey by Calhoun Farm.
Blueberry muffin scented goats milk lotion. Made by Calhoun Farm with natural ingredients in Falls Creek PA.
Cherry amaretto scented goats milk lotion. Made of natural ingredients by Calhoun Farm and Market.
Frankincense goats milk lotion. made with natural ingredients by Calhoun Farm. Scented with essential oils.
Lavender sage essential oils. Goats milk lotions made with natural ingredients. Herbal scents.
Lemon drop scented lotion made with goats milk. Helps hydrate dry skin and heal eczema.
soothing oatmeal, milk and honey goats milk lotion. made by Calhoun Farm with fresh goats milk and natural ingredients for sensitive skin.
oatmeal goats milk lotions for sensitive skin types.
Goats Milk Lotion - Lotion Jar

Goats Milk Lotion - Lotion Jar

Handmade goats milk lotion excellent naturally moisturizing that hydrates and nourishes skin. Honey is a natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory, high in vitamin C and promotes collagen formation. Shea is moisturizing and provides a silky protective barrier. Does not contain mineral oil.


If every season is dry skin season for you, goat milk lotion should become one of your daily beauty staples for hydrated skin that never feels greasy. Naturally rich in lactic acid, one of the alpha hydroxy acids known for their anti-aging effects, goat’s milk does more than just moisturize!

4oz jar

Ingredients include- goats milk