Essential oil rollers in clear 10ml bottle with crystals. Aromatherapy. Perfume rollers.  Headache, migraine, peaceful sleep, energizing, thieves.
essential oil roller scented with vanilla patchouli essential oil. Warm patchouli perfume oil roller. Aromatherapy.
essential oil roller energizing aromatherapy. Helps give you a boost of energy to help you get through your day. Aromatherapy. Essential oils. Citrus.
essential oil roller for headaches and migraines. Helps stop and lessen headaches naturally. Aromatherapy.
essential oil roller for peaceful sleep. Helps fall asleep faster. Anti-anxiety. Aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Crystal Roller - Perfume Scent - Aromatherapy

10ml each roller bottle is filled with charged crystals, essential oils, and coconut oil.  Assorted crystals in each scent. 

Each blend is perfectly balanced with top, middle, and low notes of essential oils. Enjoy them all day!

Earthy scents perfect for men or women.

Peaceful Sleep Blend - Headache Ease - Energizing Blend - Vanilla Patchouli - Thieves Immunity Blend - Stress Less Blend - Breathe Easy

Ingredients include- essential oils, coconut oil