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About Us

  1. a farm and its buildings.

Calhoun Farmstead is a female veteran owned and operated farm located in Falls Creek PA. The Calhoun family has had farming operations at the farm since 1908. Although the farmstead is made of many buildings and families, the current curator is Lanna Calhoun.

Lanna raises pygmy goats, free range poultry, grows organic produce and herbs.  She has always had a passion for farm life and handmade goods. Lanna has taken these interests combined them to start an on farm store and agritourism business.  She is joined on the farm by her life partner Shawn and their two daughters Zona and Leona.

Calhoun Farm believes you don't have to be born in a barn to enjoy farm fresh products!

We create all of our product collections in our farmhouse! We enjoy taking breaks watching the chickens peck the ground outside the window, checking on our goats in the barn, and giving a bottle to the babies in the laundry room. 

Welcome to the farm friend, please let us know how we can help you! 


Farm History-

Calhoun Farm was established in 1909 in Beechwoods Pennsylvania, when Samuel Calhoun took over dairy farming operations from his father-in-law (Crawford).  Six generations of Calhouns have lived and work on the farm since that time! During that time, the farm operations have now evolved to now focus on pygmy goats, poultry, produce, and herbs!