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arnica- pain relief- massage oil - muscle relief- pain-
muscle massage oil - arnica - pain relief

Arnica Oil - Muscle & Joint Massage

How is it made? Arnica flowers are wild harvested, added to wild lettuce leaves to be cold solar infused over the coarse of 4-6 weeks to unlock all of the powerful plant/herb qualities.  

How do you use it? Use as a muscle and joint rub.  Drop several drops into the palm of your hand and massage into muscles and joints.

What is Arnica? Arnica Montana is a perennial plant/flower also known as "wolfsbane" within the sunflower family.  

What is Wild Lettuce? Lactuca Virosa is a wild harvest green that secretes a white milk known as lactucaurium.  

1oz dropper bottle

Not FDA approved

Ingredients: arnica, wild lettuce, olive oil