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magnesium oil spray for restless leg syndrome and leg cramps. helps sleep.

Magnesium Oil

Calhoun Farm handmade Magnesium Oil Spray is made with pure magnesium chloride. With lavender & chamomile essential oils. 

Magnesium Oil is commonly used for soothing cramping leg muscles and easing restless legs.  May help with other cramps too!

Magnesium Oil Benefits

Sports Performance and Recovery

Athletes commonly use magnesium oil to improve their performance. People with a magnesium deficiency will find magnesium supplements increase their physical performance and boost energy levels. Magnesium oil is also a natural muscle relaxant which helps with recovery providing pain relief to sore muscles or joints after a strenuous workout.

Reduces Both Muscle and Nerve Pain

In addition to remedying pain by relaxing the muscles, magnesium also helps to slow down a chemical in the body called nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) which, when stimulated, creates the pain feeling. Magnesium oil can be used in the treatment of localized back pain, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some patients with carpal tunnel have reported the pain to vanish almost instantly after rubbing magnesium oil on their wrists. The cramps and muscle aches that are associated with a magnesium deficiency also benefit from the topical use of magnesium oil. Applied to the feet, calves and thighs will relieve the symptoms of twitching leg syndrome or muscle spasms that can keep sufferers awake at night.

Migraine Relief

People who suffer from regular severe migraines have been shown to have lower levels of intracellular magnesium, especially during the onset of acute migraine pain. Lower levels of magnesium affect the receptors and neurotransmitters that often cause migraine attacks. Regular use of magnesium oil reduces the frequency of migraine attacks.

Magnesium Oil as a Sleep Aid

For centuries people have used magnesium supplements, especially magnesium oil to help them sleep better. Applying a little magnesium oil in the evening can help relax the muscles and ease any aches or pains which may keep you awake.

Magnesium Oil for Skin Care

Another ancient use for magnesium was in care of the skin. Magnesium oil breaks apart various oils and fats which helps prevent oiliness of the skin. Remember, magnesium oil is not actually an oil, just a name give to a compound of magnesium and water.

Magnesium Oil for Hair Loss

Magnesium oil is commonly used to treat hair loss and the resulting inflammation and calcium deposits in hair follicles that occur over time. Men who suffer from male pattern baldness suffer with calcification of the scalp where calcium restricts the flow of blood with all important nutrients to the hair follicles. Magnesium oil is absorbed through the skin membrane of the scalp and into the bloodstream where it breaks up or dissolves calcium deposits.

Magnesium Oil should not be used on open skin wounds. May cause a tingling sensation on the skin.

8oz plastic spray bottle. Bottle color may vary.

For external use only.

This product has not be approved by the FDA.  This item is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Test on small area of skin, discontinue if redness or irritation occurs.  Check with doctor prior to use by children or if you are pregnant.  Do not get in or near eyes.