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mugwort-dream-oil-third eye-sleep-peaceful-meditation-opening-lucid
mugwort-dream - oil- open third eye- lucid dreaming- manifesting - meditation

Dream Oil - Mugwort - Dream Enhancing Oil

Dream Oil made with mugwort and essential oils. Supports deep sleep and lucid dream state.

Our Dream Oil is solar infused with mugwort grown on our farm. Oils are mixed with essential oils and re-infused with mugwort. Open yourself to a deep dream state with this oil.

Mugwort is classified as an herbal oneirogen, which is a plant category given to plants that produce or enhance dream-like states of consciousness. Traditional cultures worked with oneirogens to practice the so-called oneiromancy (“divination through dreams”) to seek cures, wisdom, visionary experience, or to cultivate the extraordinary through the ordinary: the dream. 


1oz glass dropper bottle

Ingredients include- mugwort, olive oil, essential oils