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10 Most asked questions about GOATS!

Posted by Lanna Calhoun on

questions about goat yoga answered

Hay friends! I get TONS of questions about my goats! SO many times people stop me at the farm to find out the answers. Here's some of the most commonly asked ones!-

1. Do goats eat tin cans? Goats DO NOT eat tin cans like you see in movies or read about in fairy tales! Goats DO like to taste things and explore with their lips. Often when they look like they are chewing on a tin can, they are actually pulling off a label or glue on the can, not eating the metal!

2. Why do their eyes look so creepy? Goats have rectangular shaped pupils! This shape helps them see all around them. They have a view of 320 degrees! This helps them see danger that may be lurking in the fields. They also have excellent night vision.

Goat eye-Calhoun Farm-Pygmy goats-Calhoun Farm-Falls Creek PA- Goat yoga- farm boutique

3. Are goats easy to care for? Goats are typically easy to care for. Goats are herd animals and you must keep more than one goat, or else they will be very lonely and naughty! Goats also need proper fencing, good hay, clean water and minerals to be healthy and happy!

4. What snacks do they like? If you'd like to bring a goat snack they love to eat salty, crunchy snacks like fishy crackers, saltines, chips and crackers. The crunchier the better, and only in moderation!  Just no chocolate! 

goat feeding at Calhoun Farm- Falls Creek PA- goat yoga- farm fun- farm & market

5. How many babies do goats have? Here at our farm we have pygmy and nigerian dwarf goats. Typically our goats have 2-4 babies per pregnancy!

6. How old can goats get? Pygmy goats can live 12-15 years. We have a couple old ladies around the farm!

7.How big do goats get? Depending on the breed goats can be very small or very big. Pygmy goats are normally about 35lbs where boar goats can be up to 240lbs!

8. Do girl goats have horns? Yes. Sometimes. Both female and male goats can have horns. Some breeds do not have horns. Sometimes goats can be "polled" which means they have a recessive gene to NOT have horns. Sometimes owners choose to remove goats horns when they are babies in a procedure called "disbudding". 

9. What are those things on their necks? Many of my goats have "waddles on their necks. Waddles are fur covered dangles that adorn the neck area of many goats. There is no real purpose for them, but I have heard it could be to help goats escape from predators. They can be pulled of kind of like the tail of a lizard, without harming the animal.

pygmy goats with neck waddles- Calhoun Farm- goat yoga- Falls Creek PA - farm parties

10. Do you sell milk? I do not. While I do milk my goats to make products like soap and lotion, I don't sell the milk to the public. Selling milk requires licenses and inspections that I do not have.

Do you have any questions about my goats? Feel free to send me a message to the farm, and I'll be happy to try to answer for you! Stop by the farm sometime for some goat cuddles and pets!

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